21st Century super Shrines


21st Century super Shrines is an exciting programme managed by Culture Weston as part of the four-year long High Streets Heritage Action Zones’ Cultural Programme, funded by Historic England, in partnership with Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

This pioneering heritage project, launched in May 2021, is designed to inject vibrancy and colour into Weston’s high street and shine a spotlight on the local community in a number of creative events, including a new window exhibition and YouTube series.

Throughout the project, a series of innovative contemporary ‘shrines’ will appear on the high street from permanent art installations to live arts experiences that capture the vitality and values of the local community.

It is hoped that the first shrine will be a 21st Century super Bandstand for the high street’s Big Lamp Corner area, created by internationally acclaimed public realm artist Morag Myerscough in partnership with the local community. Creatively steering the project is lead artist Megan Clark-Bagnall in partnership with guest artists, emerging artists and Weston residents and a consortium of 11 organisations led by Culture Weston.

If approved, installation will take place this spring.

Chip Chat

CHIP CHAT is Culture Weston’s first YouTube series, and the only show that puts the chips into the chats.

CHIP CHAT is a new YouTube series where professional artists, emerging artists and wider residents of Weston meet up over chips to chat culture and heritage. Part of ‘21st Century super Shrines’, CHIP CHAT puts local voices firmly and deliciously at the heart of cultural and creative developments in the town.

Another ‘Great British Takeaway’, Episode 1 sees internationally acclaimed public realm artist Morag Myerscough shaking on some salt, vinegar ‘n’ plenty of colour to Big Lamp Corner, with exuberant artist interviewer Megan Clark-Bagnall. Megan also chats to local Artist and Muralist Shruti Ashish in our very own Front Room!

Discover what public art Morag is cooking up for Weston High Street, and how she rates the chips being cooked up for her.


Sovereign Centre Exhibition

As part of the creative collaboration at the centre of the campaign, a vibrant window display has been showcased at Sovereign Centre locations and is currently on view in the window of Unit 27, near the centre’s public lift.

The exhibition shows the development of the artworks at the centre of ‘21st Century super Shrines’, showcasing the heritage project’s creative activities and engagement work with the local community, including online and in person workshops covering topics from patterns to pets.

The display was created by community artists Bev G Star, Humans of Weston, and Kelly Lewis who is a creative crafter based in Worle and includes the latest project information, artwork and workshop opportunities.

Fiona Matthews, creative director at Culture Weston said: “Since the project was launched, we have been working with a team of brilliant local artists to document the process and share local people’s knowledge, ideas and values about Weston as the experience unfolds – the role of pets and animals on the high street (past and present) is proving a particularly winning topic!”

Pet Icons

During our first year of the 21st Century Super Shrines project, we are celebrating your PETS!!

Through crafting and conversations with Westoners, Megan Clark-Bagnall recently identified three things beginning with P that make Weston’s High Street Powerful!!


They are, the sight of your Pets in town, the different Places and green spaces Weston has to offer the high street and of course the People. Year one is all about your Pets and celebrating ALL creatures great and small that visit and frequent our pet heavy high streets. Join super special artist Carson Parkin-Fairley (who knows a thing or two about making icons out of those we admire) in this crafty online tutorial. Carson will show you how to make your very own pet icon, inspired by her amazing framed icon of Elvis the dog, which she has lovingly created for this year’s national artist on the super shrines project… Morag Myserscough!!