26 February, 2021






How to Write and Research Historical Fiction with Justin Newland – Writing Weekender

Have you ever wanted to write historical fiction, but got bogged down with the research? When is it time to stop researching and start writing? Does everything you write have to be historically accurate?

Join author Justin Newland in this workshop as he shares practical tips about writing historical fiction, covering everything from balancing historical accuracy with storytelling, to writing authentic characters that are still relatable to modern day readers.

Drawing on his wealth of experience writing historical fiction, Justin will be sharing advice on sources to use for research and immersing yourself in the time period you are writing about, to help you take your writing further.

Weston Writers’ Nights is a supportive space for budding writers of all ages and abilities to come together and learn more about the exciting, sometimes bewildering world of publishing, fiction and writing. We’re passionate about good stories, connecting people and most importantly, empowering writers.

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