21 September, 2021








LAUNCH EVENT – Silva Lining’s Careplan Podcast

Are you a carer, or have a relative or friend who needs personal support? Have you experienced looking after someone with dementia? It’s tough to live with dementia and tough to be a carer. What is being a carer? What is care? What is humanness? How does it feel to be living with dementia? Are we even asking the right questions?

A chaotic organoid brain gets the better of a carer and its creator, a woman with dementia, in this podcast drama informed by the personal experience of home carers of people with dementia.  

Tonight’s event will share a section of the podcast, followed by a Q&A with creatives, specialists and researchers who were involved in its development. 

Written by Elspeth Penny, starring Melissa Johns, Shappi Khorsandi, Cyril Nri and Marlene Sidaway, with music from Sarah Moody. Made by 2BU Productions. Chaired by Alex Coulter – Arts and Health South West

The play is based on research into dementia carers, led by Professor Justine Schneider with advice from Principal Research Fellow Dons Coleston-Shields whose specialism is neuropsychology of dementia.

Longlisted for the Woman’s Prize of Playwriting 2020

All those who subscribe to the event will be sent a link to the podcast in advance.