27 July, 2022






Weston Artspace
73 High Street
BS23 1HE


Shouta Bangerfrack’s First Storm

Free to attend for children aged 4-7 yrs and their carers.

What makes thunder and lightning? Find out in this fun art and story workshop about the environment. 

Listen to the story, watch as artists do live illustrations then join in the fun, making storm noises and your own weather pictures.

The Bangerfracks of Sky Place are storm makers. While Shouta’s parents are away making storms she must not disturb the neighbours. Shouta does her best to be quiet but she was born to be noisy. Then one day she gets her wish. She’s home alone and there’s a storm coming. Instead of saying ‘hush’ the drippy neighbours tell her to sound the storm warning. At last Shouta is free to MAKE A COLOSSAL NOISE!!!

Please bring an apron or wear old clothes.

This activity has been developed by the SEE MONSTER Think Tank community initiative.