12 and 19 September 2020


Out and about all afternoon



Susann, The Social Distancing Robot

This September, to mark Heritage Open Days (11 – 20 September), Culture Weston and Theatre Orchard are bringing free entertainment and unique experiences to the streets and shoreline of Weston-super-Mare.

In keeping with the ‘Hidden Nature’ theme of this year’s Heritage Open Days, the Weston events will showcase natural beauty spots and reveal stories and history to celebrate the town’s rich heritage.

On Saturday 12 and 19 September, look out in the afternoon on the High Street for ‘Susann, the Social Distancing Robot’, providing a surreal and futuristic twist to daytime shopping. This walkabout from ‘Cat and Mouse’ Theatre is perfect for our times as Susann interacts with the public from a safe distance, engaging and surprising shoppers with her fun, quirky robot personality. Intrigued by the history of the area, she will ask and respond to questions and magically reveal facts about Weston and the heritage of the town centre.

This will be socially distanced and organised according to Government guidelines, with marshalls in place to ensure public safety. The events are also subject to change according to the Covid-19 advice in place at the time.