The Memory Bank: Over to you

PAST : Mapping The Past with Jazz

We’d love to hear about your memories of life in Weston-Super-Mare. If you have a special memory, no matter how small, silly or simple please share it with us here at Culture Weston. We’d love to archive it inside The Memory Bank.

Watch Disco & Heritage Queen Jazz at work in this mapping video.

And if you LOVE maps and crafting, here’s how you can join in the fun :

1. Have a go at making your very own map. On a large sheet of paper doodle the area you live.

2. Write your memories on the map. Add them to the correct locations.

3. Share your TOP memories with us.


PRESENT : Kindness Ripples with Ali

Which spaces and places fill you up with Kindness in Weston? Is it your scout hut? The pub? Your art studio?

Watch Queen of Kindness Ali Brown in this mindful activity using inks and watercolour papers.

If you have your own inks you can join in the fun at home and share your artworks with us OR follow these DIY instructions if not…

1. Create a mind map of all the places and people in Weston that fill YOU up with kindness. Your family members? Your groups or clubs?

2. Create a mind map of all the places and people in Westin that you show kindness towards. Do you demonstrate kindness to your friends in the playground? Or perhaps you bring joy to others when your are performing on stage or in a football match?

3. If you were to build a Department of Kindness in Weston – where would you put it? Perhaps you can design your own department? Who would be the manager? Who would work there? What kind things would happen?

4. Share your mind maps with us.


FUTURE : What Could Work Shop with Mona & Carson

What would you like to do with the empty shops in Weston-Super-Mare? Share your ideas with us!!

This video shows you what Weston would look like if you were in charge!! Imagine you are Weston’s Town Planner and you are put in charge of making Weston BRILLIANT. What will you turn the old shops of the High Street into?

Please share your ideas and pictures of your creations with us!!


And here are a couple of fab Future Vision resources to download:

Fab Resource #1

Fab Resource #2