Volunteer at SEE MONSTER

SEE MONSTER will be an exciting part of our community throughout the Summer of 2022 – we need you to be a part of this exciting project.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:


💥 Station Greeters – assist at the train station and direct people to SEE MONSTER, talk about what the town has to offer and gather information for surveys when required. Public facing role.

💥 Entrance to SEE MONSTER volunteers – happy to welcome visitors to SEE MONSTER, understand the routes and how to enter the platform, assist with tickets and wristbands for children and survey visitors to the Tropicana. Public facing role. Must be able to use a tablet for this role.

💥 Ground Floor volunteers – happy to welcome visitors to SEE MONSTER, assist with queuing, understand routes around SEE MONSTER, walk around the ground floor checking visitors are happy and helping as required. Help to gather visitor information as required. Public facing role.

💥 1st Floor volunteers – Happy to greet public and have a script, learn a small amount of information about SEE MONSTER to pass to the public. Hand out umbrellas and set-up and down for the day.

💥 Slide volunteers – assist with queuing at the gate for the slide. Explain the slide direction, understand where the routes around the platform are and how to access the platform. Happy to use radio comms potentially.


If you would like to be part of this extraordinary event, please contact VANS via www.vansweb.org.uk or on Facebook or, Jo Cridge-Drinkwater: joanna@newsubstance.co.uk